Training Programs

 Psycho educational programs for patients and care givers

1. Understanding and coping with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a common medical illness affecting about 1 % population. The initial presentation is usually with “positive symptoms” with prominent hallucinations, delusions and other behavioral symptoms. With progression some individuals develop the “negative symptoms” presenting with loss of motivation and emotional involvement, reduction in self-care and decline in levels of functioning.

If you are or your family member suffer from Schizophrenia and would like to know more about various aspects of t his illness, it would be good to register for a group psycho educational program where there will be opportunity to address various concerns and also possibly interact with other individuals and their families coping and dealing with this illness.

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2. Managing the “ups and downs”-the challenges and dealing with Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a recurrent episodic illness with phases of “low” characterized by depressed mood, fatigue, thoughts of hopelessness, worthlessness and sometimes death and suicide. This disorder  may contrarily  sometimes present with unusual  “ highs”-Hypomania and Mania which presents as elated or irritable mood, racing thoughts, increased energy and activity, reduced need for sleep.

While medications form a cornerstone to treatment of Bipolar disorder, understanding the various facets of illness, psychosocial management and identifying triggers and relapse related factors goes a long way in preventing further episodes.

If you or someone close to you suffer from Bipolar disorder, attending this program will help further in improving coping, dealing and minimizing the risk of recurrence of further episodes.

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For all psychiatric emergencies

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We at Chetana hospital and Hope trust periodically conduct training programs and workshops in the field of mental health. While it used be at the center in the past, considering the recent COVID crisis, we will be initiating a new series of web based programs.

1.An integrated management plan for dealing with OCD. The focus of this program would be in trying to understand the various symptom presentations in OCD, associated comorbidities, formulating a treatment plan with a special focus on behavioral therapy techniques.

2.Management of “dual diagnosis”-this webinar will discuss the challenges faced in evaluating and managing those with Alcohol/Other drug abuse disorder and major psychiatric disorder, commonly Psychosis and Affective disorders.

3.A clinical approach sexual dysfunction. A very commonly encountered but often neglected clinical topic. This topic will give a comprehensive overview of the common sexual dysfunctions encountered in clinical practice, medical evaluation and Primary Psychological management for the same.

The above programs are primarily for students interested/studying Psychology and keen to pursue studies in the field of mental health. This will also be beneficial to Practicing Psychologists and Counsellors in further enhancing their skills.

The program facilitator is Dr.Vijay Seshadri and team of Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists .This will be a interactive case based discussion discussing all practical aspects of management.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED-PLEASE CONTACT for further details with your name, current professional details and reason to attend the program