Mood disorders

Mood disorders

27 Jul 2020

While it is indeed true that a large number of individuals may develop depression while going through significant stressors, there are also individuals who can develop depression in the absence of significant stress. This could be what was called as the “endogenous depression”- essentially meaning depression due to changes from within-brain or body. 

“Can depression recur?” 

Clinical depression or depressive episode can recur in the future. It is important to discuss with your doctor regarding risks and early warning signs of relapse. If you have had more than one episode of depression, it is also important to discuss with your doctor regarding the need for “maintenance medication” or any forms of Psychotherapy to help in preventing relapses. 

“I had 2 episodes of depression but when I recovered, actually I became quite the opposite of being depressed. I was overactive and had high energy levels-was this the normal recovery? 

While it may be possible that there could be some degree of feeling more cheerful and being better after recovery, it may also be important for you to discuss other details of the “phase”. Bipolar disorder, especially Type 2 often gets missed.

Regular appointments are for 15 min slots. However, there is often the need for a larger time slot for assessment and intervention. At the time of booking the appointment, if needed a longer time slot can be booked.