Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder

21 Jul 2020

Bipolar disorder is recurring episodic mood disorder where in an individual can present with either of the following two phases 

1.Depression-wherein there is a low mood, feels exhausted, disinterest in usually pleasurable activities, wanting to lie down most of the time, thoughts of hopelessness, worthlessness and death. 


There is more than usually cheerful/elevated/irritable mood. There is also a reduced need for sleep, Increased energy levels, propensity for increased spending and grooming, unusually high confidence levels, becoming overactive. 

There may also be other associated symptoms that need to be discussed 

How is Bipolar disorder treated? 

It is important to review the course of episodes that you might have had in the past and the current episode that you are presenting with in charting out a management plan. Medications are mainstay of treatment in treating the current episode and preventing relapses. It is however important to also work on the other variables that may contribute towards relapse such as Stress management ,usage of alcohol, nicotine and other substances, sleep regulation .Individual and family counselling towards addressing these factors are also important.

Regular appointments are for 15 min slots. However, there is often the need for a larger time slot for assessment and intervention. At the time of booking the appointment, if needed a longer time slot can be booked.