Consults at

Chetana Hospital

Clinical Services Director

This is a comprehensive mental health services facility with all IP and OP services where an individual with a variety of mental health issues are helpedĀ by a team comprising of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Counselors. Chetana hospital is one of the few centers in the state with 24/7 Psychiatry coverage equipped to deal with a variety of Psychiatric emergencies.

Chetana Clinics

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

Primary Outpatient clinic for evaluation and management of mental health issues.

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

KIMS is one of the largest tertiary care super specialty hospitals in Hyderabad. The work here involves primary consultation liaison psychiatry-which is to help in the evaluation and management of people with mental health and co morbid physical health conditions in liaison with other medical and surgical specialties.

HOPE Trust

Chief Consultant Psychiatrist

HOPE trust is one of the premier alcohol and drug rehabilitation units in the country. The program here includes management of individuals with substance abuse disorders and "dual diagnosis" with an integrated management program which includes medical, 12- step based program and individual and group psychotherapy.